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About Us

About Us


The Company's Mission

GG Legal is one of the primary Georgian law firms established in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2014 by Georgian lawyers educated in Georgia as well as in United States and Europe.

Our lawyers employ innovative, pragmatic strategies and hard work to ensure that our clients’ legal needs are met. Their success depends on close coordination and collaboration with clients. Our lawyers are recognized for their commitment to the representation of clients’ interests. We are not and do not strive to be the largest law firm measured by number of offices or lawyers. Our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with respect to their most challenging legal issues, most significant business transactions and most critical disputes.

Each of our practice areas is highly regarded. Our legal practice focuses on: Immigration Law, Corporate transactions and structure, Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Transaction, Bankruptcy, Tax law, Banking and Finance law, Insurance, Contract Law, Licenses and Permits, Media and Communications, Intellectual Property law, Labor Law, Family and Inheritance Law, Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Civil and Administrative litigation.

We focus on building long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We stress — and clients rightfully expect — good results.

No matter how critical is your Business, we are here to achieve the best possible results for you.

Our Team