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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Legal Services Offer

It is our pleasure to introduce our Services. We are convinced that the three basic pillars of our services professionality, effectiveness and complexity of solutions for our clients are fundaments for any legal advisory.

In our work, we focus on staying current with the legal environment in Georgia using knowledge not only from domestic resources but also from abroad as well. This connection of knowledge of the local and Foreign environments seems to be the right direction in legal consultancy. We believe that services based on proficiency and qualifications are the pillars of success.

Dynamic development of business requires a legal team able to provide effective solutions, based on experience in particular legal areas. We provide our clients with legal services in such areas where we can prove essential knowledge and experience. Our aim is to propose to our clients’ legal support in order to let them perform their own activities and rely upon our legal background.

We propose complex solutions. For that reason, we cooperate with eminent tax, business and accounting advisors in Georgia and abroad, as well as other specialists in areas that require specific knowledge and qualifications. We are capable of setting up a team of advisors who are able to act immediately.

Our aim is to provide legal services at the highest professional level, capable rendering effective solutions mainly in the following areas:


Conduct Informational meetings with clients
Provide clients with oral and written consulting;
Draft contracts and intra corporate documents in Georgian, English and Russian languages
Represent clients at state/local organs/entities and provide relevant legal help;
Analyze collected data and develop case study;
Provide practical recommendations on the most common practical challenges and the ways of its resolution;
Adapt these recommendations to the Georgian circumstances.

We Work In The Following Spheres Of Law

Property law

Property law Property law

Labor law

Our aim is to protect the balance of interests between the employer and the employee, this includes analyzing interests of the parties before the outset of the employment relationship, assessing risks and drafting an agreement in a qualified and professional manner. In case of litigation, our team will protect your interests with a highly qualified standard.

Family and Inheritance law
Contract Law

Drafting a contract involves evaluating all the necessary steps and risks of the parties. A contract has a main role in all business transactions. We will advise you on all possible risks and legal consequences so that you can make the most optimal decision and reflect it in the legal documents between the parties. Out lawyers can draft contract in Georgian, English and Russian languages that will make your business more flexible and convenient. The service also includes engaging in negotiating process between the parties as per your wish.

Tax law
Media and Communications
Dispute Resolution

Mediation is alternative dispute resolution way, which helps both side to resolve dispute without going to court and without litigation processes. Parties resolve disputes without additional costs.

Court and Arbitration Disputes

The team of lawyers will represent you and protect your interests in all three instances in court, during civil, administrative and criminal disputes.
We offer you a detailed analysis. Our team will analyze and make a decision about initiation of a dispute, continuation or suspension of an ongoing dispute.
At the same time, our goal is to find a fastest and efficient way to resolve a dispute, in which Arbitration plays an important role. Our team of lawyers also offer representation in Arbitration process.

Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

The team of lawyers at GG Legal provides legal services for entrepreneurship, which deals with various important issues related to the legislation of the entrepreneurial entities, including proper selection of the type of legal entity, establishment of a legal entity, registration of a branch/representation of a foreign company, Acquestion corporation in regulated (financial, telecommunication and energetic) and nonregulated sectors of the economy, mergers and acquisitions, division / separation of enterprises, restructuring and transformation of an organization from one type of enterprise to another.

Company’s legal services also include recommendations for setting up an organization’s management and developing a strategic management system. Consultation on other legal matters in connection with entrepreneurial legislation. Our service also includes protecting client’s interests in various local, governmental or administrative agencies.

Banking Law

Our scope of services includes assisting banks’ corporate clients in purchasing banking products (loans, bank guarantees, and etc.) as well as resolving any type of disputes arising with commercial banks.

Administrative Law

Our team will protect and represent your interests’ dealing with in any administrative or public agency, which includes drafting legal documents, protecting clients’ interests in administrative proceedings.

Intellectual Property Law

ჩვენი გუნდი უზრუნველყოფს თქვენი ინტერესების დაცვას, როგორც სასაქონლო ნიშნის რეგისტრაციის და მის თანმდევ პროცესში, ასევე საავტორო და მომიჯნავე სფეროთი მოცულ ურთიერთობებში.

Antimonopoly and antidumping legislation

(To consult and provide written legal conclusions, representation company’s activity in current and planned transactions in compliance with Georgian competition and antitrust legislation, representation company: at LEPL – Georgian National Competition Agency, LEPL – National Bank of Georgia, LEPL – Communications Commission of Georgia, LEPL - Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Commission and at the courts of Georgia).

Renewable energy, water supply, oil and gas

The service consists of the full legal support of the existing and constructing different energy objects, power houses, oil and gas pipelines and other energy infrastructure. Particularly: To elaborate projects of agreements and related legal documents of any difficulties; analyzing existing agreements and other legal documents; to organize official registration procedures of the several agreements; to defend company’s interests and coordinate with the purposeful governmental and regulatory agencies and the different companies holding the specific licenses; to ensure company’s activity in full compliance with the existing energy and related legislation; to provide necessary licenses, permits and environmental decisions; manage land privatization issues; support the trading with the different energy resources on the local and international markets; representation companies at the regulatory agency, court and arbitration.